2 – BELIEF IN THE ANGELS
     The second principle of faiht is to believe in the angels.The angels are made from light they can take any from they wish.They are gentle,spiritual beings free from sins.They are neither male or famele.They do not disobey Allah (s.w.t.)They obey and praise Allah at all times.They d nt eat or drink and they never get tired.All angels are assignet  for certain duties either in the heavens or at eart and some at the divine throne.Only Allah the Almighty knows the exact nıber of  angels.There are four arch angels:
     1 – JIBRAİL (GABRİAL) A.S.;He was charged with the responsibilty of conveying the messages of Allah swt to the prophets from the time of Adam A.S. to last prophet Muhammad S.A..
     2 – MİKAİL (MİCHEAL) A.S.;He is charged with the responsibilty of taking care of the nature such are the rain,the floods,the wind,the snow and growth of vegetation and  fruits.
     3 – ISRAFIL (RAPHAEL)A.S.;He has been charged with the task of blowing the trupet (al-thur) on All Qiyamad-the Day of Resurrection,and for the resurrection of humanity.
     4 – AZRAEL (AZRAIL)A.S.;He is charged with the task of taking the souls of human beings at the time of death.
     Besides there tsere are the angels that are called Kiram’an Katibin and al-Hafadhah.Their duties are to keep the records of every one.Both good and bad (evil) deeds of human beings are recoded.
                                    3 – BELIEF IN HIS BOOKS
     The third essentiel principal of al-Iman is to believe in the scriptures sent by Allah by the almighty.The total number of Divine Books sent by AllahSWT is one undred and four.The major Books sent by allah SWT are:
                          THE BOOKA (AL KUTUB):
     1 – To moses (Musa)A.S.Torah The (Tayrat)
     2 – To David (Dawood)A.S.Zaboor-the psalms,
     3 -To Isa (Jesus Chirst)A.S.Injil-TheGospel,
     4 – To Muhammad S.A.S-The Holy Qur’an- The last Book.With the revealation of the Qur’an the other three books were cancelled.For further details look at the translations of the Holy Qur’an.The Holy Qur’an is composed of 6666 verses.Since the the Revealation of the Holy Qur’an no change has ever made,it is exactly same verbatum.Will be till the Day of Judgement procted by Allah SWT.
     In addition to above mentioned four Books,there are also other messages in the from of Al-Suhuf (the pages).They are:as follows:
     1 – Ten Suhuf (Pages) to Adam A.S.
     2 – Fifty (Pages) to Sheet A.S.
     3 – Thirty (Pages) to Idris ( Enoch) A.S.
     4 – Ten Suhuf (Pages) to Abraham (Ibrahim) A.S.
                                    4 – BELIEF IN THE MESSENGERS PROPHETS
      The fourth principal in Al – Iman  Faith is to believe in the prophets.The porphecy is the highest condition,for the Prophet is a bridge between man and God,who helps the world to recall its primal source ultimate return.The prophets were individuals of exceptionally high charecter who  were chosen by Allah,the Almighty to convey His messages to mankind.The Holy mission of the prophets were to quide people on the straight path and to keep man away from errors and sins.To advise them not to associate partners with Allah or assing partners to Allah.Man’s Irade (Will) is İnsufficiant to find the right path by himself therefore he needs guidance.Because of his need Allah SWT sent Messengers from time to time to convey His messages.
                            THE QUALITIES OF THE PROPHETS:
      There are five major qualities possessed by the prophets.They are as follows:
      1 – They were the truthful ones (Al-Sidq).The prophets were trutful they never lied.
      2 – They were the trustworthy ones (Al- Amanah).They were trustworthy.They could be relied in all circumstances.
      3 – They were the Conveyars or Commnicators (At-Tabligh).They conveyed the messages verbatum without leaving any thing out.
      4 – They were the Most Intelligent ones among yheir people.They had the hignest degree of intelligence.
      5 – They were the Innocent Ones.They were far from commintting any sins,since Allah chose them to be prophets,they were innocent of wrong-doing.
      The Last Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.being the seal of the prophet had additional five qualities mentioned above for the other prophets:
      1 – He was superior to all other prophets.
      2 – He was assigned as the messenger to all mankind and the people of jinn.
      3 – He was the last and the Seal of the prophethood.No other Prophet will come after him.
      4 – He has been sent as a Rahmat mercy to all worlds.
      5 – Al-Shariah-The Relgion of Islam shall remain in effect until the Day of judgement.
      For further details about the Prophets and their lifes look into chapter.10.There is long and detailed information about each prophet.
                                     5 – BELIEF  in the DAY of JUDGEMENT
       The ififth principal condition of Al-Iman (Faith) is to believe in the Day of Judgement.
      When the the comes for Archangel Israfil (Raphael) blow the horn or the trumpet,the dead will be raised from their graves.The assembling or gathering of the all the people from Adam to Azrail will take place on the  plain of Resserruction,that place is as vast as one can ever imagine,for the Final Judgement.The Recerded Book of Deeds will be handed to each person.The questioning and weighing onthe scale (balance) of the eedes done in the world in previous life will take place.People according to the outcome and what ever they earned in the previous life will be rewarded with residing  in Heaven (Al Jannah) or will be punished residing in hell ( Al-Jahannam).
      The Hereafter or the Next world (Al-Akhirah) If they are true muslıms,they should not disbelieve inthe Hereafter.
                                  6 – BELIEF in AL QADAR and Al Qadah TO BELIEVE IN DIVINE PREDESTINATION
      The sixth principal of Al-Iman (Faith) is to believe in Al_Qadar ( in divine providence).
      Al-Qadar   : is the declaration by Allah SWT that all events whether good ar bad which have occurred before the existence of time up to eternity are predestined and a result of Allah’s own knowledge.
      Al_Qadhah ( Divine Enacment ): is taking place of whatever events that were planned by Allah S.W.T. in pre-existence at their due times and in  total accordance with the divine providence and konwledge of  Allah the Almighty.
      Al Rızq ( Divine Sustenance):It is Allah who sustains the whole Universe and the whole creation Allah SWT provides for His creation so that they are able to provide for themselves.One of the ninety-nine attributes af Allah SWT is,He is Rezzaq-the provider.Human beings choose in their free will how to provide for themselves whether in lawful or unlawful way.
      Allah’s treasury is limitless,the believers of Islam submit themseleves to Allah SWT.
      AL TAWAKKUL (Trust) : Trust is to expect only from Allah alone,the Trusted one.In Islam one strives and works for and end exhausts all his resources and expects the result from the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.A muslim can expect the result of action after having fulfilled all the requirements,both material and spritual,for achieving his aim but if he fails to achieve his objective,one should not resent and rebel about it.On the contrary a muslim shold resing himself to such a bad fate by saying :"Allah knows the best may be  this way is better for me."
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